Engineering Consulting Services for New Construction Projects and Existing Buildings

Hue-Lyew-Chin Structural Engineering Ltd is a leading provider of high-quality engineering consulting services to both public and private sector organisation in Grand Cayman. At our firm, you will find engineering consultants with just the right experience, offering a wide range of services. We use the most modern tools and are up to date on best practices. Over the years, our clients have trusted us with their most important projects. Asking the right questions and really listening to the answers to deliver innovative, inspiring and cost-efficient engineering solutions is our speciality.

Just Ask Hue-Lyew-Chin

Based in Grand Cayman, we are a respected, employee-owned, organisation providing consulting services for design and construction. Large, complex projects? Or small scale ones? We have designed and managed hundred thousand projects! Just get in touch with our consultants. We promise that we will never take any shortcuts for your building’s safety. Be it the preparation of feasibility studies or conceptual design of a project, Hue-Lyew-Chin Structural Engineering Ltd is the answer for all your needs in Grand Cayman.


Areas of Specialisation

Our consulting engineering firm specialises in the design and construction of homes and offices. We are responsible for finding innovative solutions to technical problems and delivering strategic advice. Talk to our professional consultants for a wide array of services and expertise in areas related to engineering and science. The solutions and services we provide include:

Construction design
Exterior view of the constructed building

Engineering Feasibility studies

Explore different technical options, duration of the installation, environmental awareness, capital estimates of all options, operating costs, specific industry standards and local & government regulations that apply to your operation with a feasibility study for your development. Get a straightforward and impartial assessment.


Preliminary and Final designs

Whether it is about preparing initial plans or 100 per cent complete drawings for projects, Hue-Lyew-Chin Structural Engineering Ltd has an expert team of designers that can get the job done. For your next construction or engineering work in Grand Cayman, contact us for preliminary and final drawings. We are with you from start to finish.

Supervision and Inspection

Hire Hue-Lyew-Chin Structural Engineering Ltd for construction supervision and inspection- and we will help you to finish your project on time and on budget, while fulfilling all relevant regulations and quality standards. Wherever the location in Cayman, we can provide you with extensive experience traversing all aspects of construction.


On-site project management

We offer on-site project management services to guarantee best-quality implementation of the construction project with optimal costs in accordance with the contract agreement, technical standards and norms. Years of experience enables our project managers to coordinate tasks and delivery of the system.

construction supervision

Construction bid evaluation

Hire us for selecting potential contractors and suppliers for large-scale and small-scale contracts in Grand Cayman. We conduct the work of construction build evaluation strictly on the basis of fairness and prejudice, with complete attention to considerations of efficiency, economy, transparency and justice among eligible bidders.

We accept cash, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and managers’ cheques.

We have the capability to manage and serve you throughout the complete project lifecycle.